The SUS Difference

We base our diagnoses and treatments on a “holistic approach.” This means we examine your complete health history, listen closely to you about your health experiences, diagnose your problem, and then involve you in a step-by-step treatment plan. Here are a few illustrative examples:

Going the Extra Mile

Our staff also is willing to “go the extra mile” to help our patients in times of need. Here are two illustrative examples:


One of our patients with multiple sclerosis required a urinary catheter. Her caregiver had assisted her with catheter care, but when the caregiver was suddenly hospitalized, family members refused to provide catheter care assistance. Our patient was faced with a nursing home as the only option for her care until her primary caregiver returned. A SUS nurse stepped up to the plate and decided to travel to our patient’s home each day for 2 weeks to provide the needed catheter care – thus avoiding a nursing home admission. Our nurse took on this mission on her own initiative, without being asked by our physicians.


One of our elderly patients with severe urinary incontinence (UI) had her condition under control with medication. Unfortunately, she ran out of her medicine at the most inopportune time – a time of unexpected financial crisis. This left her with the dilemma of spending her scarce dollars on either her heart pills or her UI pills. She chose to purchase her heart pills – then called SUS for an appointment to deal with her leakage problem, which had returned. When an SUS nurse could not find any free samples of the needed UI medication in our office, she immediately contacted the drug manufacturer and was able to obtain a free 6-month supply for our patient, based on her financial hardship