The Whole Body Approach to Men’s Health

“Men’s Health” is a term that encompasses a broad range of health issues that only affect our male patients. Unlike some other practices, the experts at SUS view the urologic issues of men within the broader scope of overall men’s health. We will even guide you through the process of learning about and adopting lifestyle changes that can resolve your urologic condition while improving your overall health. This approach often leads to more accurate diagnoses and more appropriate and less invasive treatments.

Improving your overall health and optimizing your medicines can have a great impact on your sexual health. For example, many drugs prescribed for high blood pressure and other medical conditions can contribute to erectile function (ED). The experts at SUS will look for alternative drugs with fewer sexual-related side effects. We also will work closely with your primary care medical doctor or other specialists to evaluate your medicines (some may be discontinued or taken at lower doses), and to optimize your cholesterol and blood pressure control, all of which can improve long-term sexual function as well as overall health.

The experts at SUS may recommend proactive lifestyle changes such as: weight loss, smoking cessation, reduced consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages, and eating healthier foods. Such lifestyle changes are likely to improve your sexual health and overall health as well as avoid or combat chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

The experts at SUS also believe in using natural foods and supplements to foster improved prostate health and overall health. While good scientific data on natural treatments are often scarce, we can guide you towards a healthy prostate diet and the use of natural supplements that may augment prostate health and prevent prostate diseases. The SUS “men’s health approach” includes the overall evaluation and treatment plans for conditions such as sexual dysfunction (i.e., erectile dysfunction [ED] or impotence), and an enlarged prostate. This approach is also important for men with testosterone deficiency, a common condition that often coexists with ED and in some cases may be the underlying cause for the sexual problem. In addition, because ED can often be the first sign of heart disease in men, the experts at SUS evaluate each ED patient’s complete health profile and consult with a vascular specialist when indicated.

As you can see, the experts at SUS rely on a holistic men’s health approach to provide all our male patients with the best possible treatment for their condition while improving their overall health and quality of life.